Assistance With Incorporating Services and Business Consulting

New to Business?

We can help you

Starting a new business can be very challenging and demanding. Our company's representative will hold a FREE 30 min. consultation with you, to help understand what your business goals are and discuss the best possibilities on how to achieve that goal.

There are many choices that you will be facing, such as:

  • Which type of entity should you begin your business operations with?
  • What is the difference between starting with a sole proprietorship (DBA) or a corporation?
  • What is the difference between the different type of corporate entities and what are they?
  • How much capital do I need to have or raise to start my business to become successful?
  • What are the reasons why a lot of new business struggle or fail within the first 2 years?
  • How can I limit my personal liability when starting my new business?

There are several more questions that a new entrepreneur may want to investigate when starting a new business, if you want to learn more contact us here.

Business Veteran?

We can help you too

We also have a lot to offer those with existing businesses that feel like they have plateaued and just can't seem to be able to take their existing business to that next level.

Do you feel caught up in and are barely breaking even? Ready to find that extra edge that will help you be able to take your business to that next level?

We have extensive consultation programs for you, provided by our qualified individuals that can assist you with being able to obtain the business goals that you are seeking.


From the new entrepreneur that is starting a new business to the season business owner that is looking to take their business to that next level of success, here at Pro Business Consulting Firm, we have you covered!

Disclaimer Note: We are not license attorney's, accountants or tax attorney's and cannot therefore provide you with any type of legal, accounting or tax advice. You must consult a license attorney or tax attorney or accountant before implementing any legal strategy or business plan.