Create your Own Package

We have taken the time to create 3 great bundles suitable for any business and their needs but if you are looking for only some of the amazing services we have to offer, do not worry! These are the great services we offer so that you can create your own Custom Package!

Custom Package

Basic Website building
Custom Website building
$950.00 up to $1,995.00 ***(With 1-Yr. Hosting And Premium Plugins)***
Domain research and registering
$25.00 annually
Domain email for the Business
$20.00 monthly
Hosting Services
$250.00 Annually
Google business listing and business verifying
Google local maps listings
$250.00 monthly
Basic SEO Services
$275.00 monthly
Customize Your Order
SEO and Linking Strategies
$375.00 monthly
Advance SEO and Ranking Services
$550.00 monthly
Social Media Marketing
$995.00 monthly
Media Buying and Press Releases for your business
$950.00 monthly
Vlog Presence and marketing
$250.00 monthly
Website monitoring and security
$225.00 monthly
Website Rankings monitoring and SEO growth plan
$375.00 monthly
Video Marketing Kit
$675.00 monthly

Please note: You must add a $150.00 monthly hosting and website maintenance fee.

***(Don't forget to ask your sales representative about our promo package and pricing)